Frequently Asked Questions

How should I keep my bread?

We recommend keeping your bread wrapped in the brown paper bag we give you and then either an airtight container or a plastic bag tied up. This ensures the moisture stays in the bread and it won't go hard. Keeping your bread in the fridge tends to shorten it's life.

We don't put any preservatives in our bread so expect it to last approximately four days (this will vary slightly on the type of bread).

It makes excellent toast for a week!

Can I freeze the bread?

Yes! Our bread is baked fresh every day (unlike supermarket bakeries who bake from frozen) so it freezes perfectly.

If you want to freeze a whole loaf (or half) wrap it in foil and then a plastic bag and freeze it as soon as you can for best results. When you need it, pop it in the oven at 180° in the foil (straight from the freezer) for about 25 minutes for a whole loaf or about 15 minutes for a half loaf.

This should come out like a fresh loaf. Alternatively you can slice your bread and freeze it. Taking it out and putting it in the toaster as and when you need it

Is the bread organic?

The vast majority of the flour we use is organic. Some loaves may not be 100% organic if they have extra ingredients in them (walnuts for example).

Certifying a product is an expensive process! To keep our prices lower we would rather just tell you what's organic.

Do you do anything gluten free?

Sadly at the moment we don't have the facilities to cater for coeliacs.

We do however sell 100% Rye and 100% Spelt for those who are gluten intolerant.

I have an allergy. What products are safe for me?

Due to the nature of the production and retail environments, we cannot guarantee that any product is allergen free.

All of our allergens are listed on each product page.

Can I collect from your base?

At the moment we're afraid we have had to stop pickups from our base here in Ingatestone.