offer the very best in breads, pastries and patisseries for every occasion. We use only fresh, organic ingredients. Read more on our “ About  ” page. You   can   buy   on-line   or   at   one   of   our   outlets   in   Farmers   Markets,   Town   Markets   and   Special Events.
Great Breads, Great Pastries, Great Patisseries
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“Look forward to seeing you there.”
Saturday 23rd December   Berkhampsted Chelmsford Ely Framlingham                                                                                                                                                                                                             Guildford Ipswich Newbury Saffron Henley Guildford Tunsgate Guildford North St Tenterden Chingford Station Rd St. Albans Hertford Bishops Stortford Wokingham
Sunday 24th December   Cambridge Chelmsford Ely Guildford Tunsgate Guildford North St Ipswich Stratford Tenterden Horsham St. Albans Hertford Bishops Stortford Colchester
Wednesday 27th December   Cambridge Chelmsford Guildford Worthing Hoddesdon  St. Albans  
Thursday 28th December   Cambridge Chelmsford Guildford Princes Risborough Southend Wendover Ely Newbury St Albans Bishop's Stortford Wokingham
Friday 29th December   Brentwood Cambridge Chelmsford Guildford Hoddesden Ipswich St Ives Tenterden St Albans Colchester Wokingham
Saturday 30th December   Cambridge Chelmsford Ely Framlingham Guildford Ipswich Newbury Saffron Tenterden St Albans Hertford Bishops Stortford Wokingham
Sunday 31st December Cambridge Ely Guildford Ipswich Stratford St Albans Colchester